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1975 - 1978

Kingsbury Hall
at the University

Excitement humms through a midsize city in the Rocky Mountian region of the United States awaiting the arival of The boys that have been gone for six months on a torcherous winter tour thru the northern and midwesst states. Antisapating A SOLD OUT one night appearance of a rock band that has rocked the city on numurous other occasions. The band formerly known as Leo Swift founded by Michael ONeil and Chuck Richardson (percussionist) soon to be joined with Kenny Raidan (Lead guitar) then Steve Whitman (Vocals) and finally Ricky Phillips on the bass from Redding Ca . The new name Nasty Habit was conjured up in all of ten minutes while on tour in seventy four in the back of a old van flying thru Illinois at 80 mph and adopted on the spot. How about Nasty Habit? asked Kenny Rairdan (lead guitarirst extraordinair) "Sounds Better then Leo Swift" everyone answered, and it was done. (The name was changed to protect the innocent) and Nasty Habit was born.

Wet your Lips
Ice Block (listen)
Fantacy Follies

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On Stage
One Night Only!